Wit Imaging Technology develops innovative projects that may exceed the limitations of what is possible so far. With clear focus on the desired outcome, WIT analyses processes in a creative way, considers possible and impossible alternatives in order to achieve the best results imaginable. In time. 

WIT-it develops a.o: 

• Software for image analysis in the machine sorting of fruit and vegetables. Functional systems where machines are directed by software that uses image recognition to select fruit quality on color, shape, imperfections and sizes.

• License plate, logo and vehicle recognition systems for road observation systems and for security systems. 

• Systems where views of multiple camera’s are combined in order to provide a “real-life view”.

Very soon we are able to expose more news about a very challenging project with the working name “Being There Without Being There”. A new perspective on adventure and experience based on imaging technology. 

For more info: poppo@wit-it.nl

Stay tuned. 


Poppo Wit